Uiver Holland

Our Vision

To provide a purpose-built Uiver Memorial Museum located in Albury by 2024. The museum will house the DC-2 gifted to the community as a prominent, permanent, monument to the landing of The Uiver in Albury, and recognise it’s significance as a valuable aviation heritage item based on the many levels of local and international involvement.

The Uiver Memorial Museum will be:

  • An economically viable, sustainable and educational cultural heritage tourism facility
  • An historic and cultural experience for both local residents and visitors
  • An educational experience through telling the Uiver story and demonstrating other important historic themes
  • An opportunity to retain active involvement by the local community in the Uiver on many levels, as volunteers, advisors, fundraising, restoration, display, history
  • An opportunity for younger generations to gain valuable skills through workplace training or apprenticeships in aviation and museum related skills sets
  • An historic monument that will be identified as a visual landmark at Albury Airport and promote Albury as a cultural tourism destination

The Uiver Memorial Museum will preserve:

  • The legacy of the Uiver story for future generations
  • The recognition of Albury as an integral part of the Uiver event and its international recognition
  • The enduring relationships between the Albury community and the Dutch community and specifically the relationships formed between the families related to those involved in the actual event
  • The work and dedication of those who have contributed to the Uiver Memorial over the last 32 years, through the original acquisition, display, maintenance and fundraising, in particular recognising the Blom Family and the Uiver Memorial as a family monument to honour those now passed.
  • The national and international connections forged over the successive years since the original event

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