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The Uiver Memorial is a community driven project, started in 1979 and still going strong in the hearts and minds of those who continue to value the significance of this icon to the City of Albury.

Heritage value is not defined by popularity, money, or tourism value. While those who support retaining the Uiver DC-2 in Albury may not be a highly visible or vocal group, they are present, willing and able to help.

In this day and age, the medium of the internet is one of the most immediate ways of connecting people and communicating information. In some ways the internet enables us to be involved from the comfort of our own armchair, removed from attention and controversy, a private kind of activism. Even so, our involvement is important so that the vision and aims of the Uiver Memorial Community Trust are achieved.

Being a part of this project with the donation of your ideas, time, money or skills will contribute to a larger push to get greater momentum of public support for the Uiver Memorial. Do not let the opportunity pass us by; to actively claim for our community what is rightfully ours, gifted by the generous Rotarians as a prominent historic landmark in our urban landscape.

Please submit your details to receive any of our email news. Let us know if you would like to be more actively involved, or have specific skills that may be of assistance. Keep an eye on this website, and let others know.

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