Uiver Action Plan

Action Plan

In broad terms the approach is as follows:

  • Establish a not-for-profit community trust to take ownership of the memorial, manage the restoration and develop the museum. The Trust will operate through a number of committees to carry out the various functions required to run the project
  • Fundraise through sponsorship, donations and grants to establish ongoing resources to cover organisational costs including loan from council ($300,000)
  • Finalise lease of land at Albury Airport to build hanger
  • Build a hangar in which to carry out the restoration work. This hangar would be large enough to accommodate the aircraft fully assembled and would provide a secure home until the museum was completed. Target date for Completion of the hangar is Oct 2014 to coincide with the 80th anniversary
  • Restore the DC2 to display condition. Expected timeframe, up to 5 years. Target date for restoration completion is October 2019
  • Construct a permanent museum to house the Uiver memorial and related exhibitions. This may be a development of the restoration hangar or a new purpose-built facility. Target date for construction of the museum is Oct 2023, the 90th anniversary

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