The Blom Family

The Uiver Memorial became most commonly associated with the Blom Family. These dedicated custodians migrated to Australia, to Bonegilla, in 1958 from the Netherlands. Herman and Geesje Blom were a regular sight at the Rotary markets, selling their popular “Drie in de Pan” pastries to raise funds for the Uiver Memorial maintenance.

They became involved through the Rotary Club, initially raising funds through collecting old newspapers and business waste paper for recycling. After a few years and at their own expense they were supported by the local Rotary group to set up their Dutch Stall, a far more effective and efficient fundraising venture. Their stall was a distinctive focus at the markets.

The Bloms were disillusioned by the council’s promises to help maintain the Uiver memorial, which were not delivered. To take matters into their own hands, the Bloms along with other local residents set up the Uiver Memorial Foundation, a not-for-profit trust in 1990 and formalised Herman Blom’s “dream”.

The brightly coloured Dutch pancake stall travelled to many regional markets and larger festivals, and will always be associated with the Uiver and the Bloms. Sadly Geesje passed away in 2010 and Herman followed in 2011.

The dedication the Blom’s put into maintaining the Uiver Memorial, both physically, and as an important historical icon in the community consciousness, was rewarded with an Honorary Knighthood by the Dutch Government; The Order of Orange-Nassau.

50th Anniversary
Uiver Article
Uiver Article

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