The National Trust of Australia (NSW)

The National Trust of Australia (NSW) began lobbying for the retention of the Uiver DC-2 in Albury and formally recognised its historic and cultural significance by placing it on the National Trust Register.

The National Trust have also advocated for the legal recognition of this important aviation monument at the local, state and national levels. The National Trust have endorsed this project by creating a tax-deductible appeals fund for the Restoration of the Uiver DC-2.

Advocacy Campaign Award

National Trust Award

Nichole Fransen with our first award!

In 2016 our group was awarded the best "Advocacy Campaigns Award" at the National Trust Heritage Awards in Sydney. The award recognizes challenges overcome in getting to restore the DC-2 locally. We are especially proud to receive this award so early in the restoration.

The National Trust wrote:

“What a campaign! This is one that captured the imagination when in 2013 this DC-2 was offered for disposal by Albury City. The lobby group that was formed canvassed support far and wide and formed a community trust which raised enough money to purchase the plane and ensure its retention and restoration.”

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